Terms and Conditions

There is always some official stuff which you should read so there is no confusion but lets be realistic most trainers are very adaptable if the client is also. How would you like to be treated if something went wrong. How would you expect to be treated if someone arrives late or forgets their lesson? There are some things we have no control over so please make sure you are aware of these below. If you have any questions ask you instructor/trainer.

These are our terms and conditions.

For the purpose of ease the terms “client” refers to the individual taking Driving training either ┬átheory or practical. “Trainer” refers to the person giving the training. “They” refers to any outside party.

  1. The client must be able to pay for the agreed tuition/course at the beginning of the session. Should the client need to visit an ATM this will be part of the lesson time or you may be refused your training session.
  2. The client is wholly responsible for remembering any booked sessions they have; theory or practical. Should they forget, arrive late they may loose all or part of any monies paid or be liable to pay. The client may also only receive a shorter lesson/course due to late arrival of the client. Reminders/email bookings etc of lessons from the trainer are a courtesy.
  3. The client must be fit and healthy to take tuition or attend a course. If there is reasonable doubt the trainer may refuse the the training and the client may forfeit the training fee.
  4. The trainer will act in a professional manner.