Peter achieves Rospa Diploma

So I have passed my Rospa Diploma in Driver Education. Well what does that actually mean?

It simply means I keep myself up to date, aspire to improve my skills and makes me feel good.

For someone being trained by me it means a greater knowledge base is available, an improved understanding of client centered learning and quite frankly a more enjoyable fun training session. Whether that is as a learner or an experienced driver.

This is a qualification that very few driver trainers have and is very hard to achieve if you try and wing it. This was a week long intensive course based in Birmingham having my driving skills challenged and analysed. My class room skills were also improved. At the end of the week I had to take a driving test that lasted longer than an hour included commentary driving and driver training. Oh and in a hire car.

It was great fun and I learnt loads. The main thing is I am always prepared to learn more because things change and evolve. It makes me a more informed and I believe better trainer. Come and try me for some lessons Prices